Chapter 1 of 7 • Pop Culture

The number seven is all around us.

Oprah and 7

Oprah Winfrey’s last name contains 7 letters. In 1977 she was co-host of the television show Baltimore is Talking. After 7 years in Baltimore, Oprah was hired by WLS-TV, an ABC affiliate. Oprah’s outstanding talk show is the winner of 7 Emmy Awards. Hattie Mae Presley, Oprah’s grandmother, had a last name with 7 letters.

Elvis and 7

Elvis Presley was born on 8 January and he loved the number eight. He registered his jet named “Lisa Marie” as “N880EP.” He also liked number 7. His “Hound Dog” jet has “N777EP” in large letters. Many of Elvis’ songs were recorded on 7-inch records. On 7 July (7th month) 1954, Elvis debuted on radio. The Tennessee Historical Marker in front of Elvis’ Graceland is numbered 4E 77. Combine the two and you get ElviSeven.


Yvonne Craig and 7

Veteran actress Yvonne Craig, original Batgirl in the popular Batman television series, and pop culture icon of the 1960’s, was leading lady in two of Elvis’ films. In her autobiography, From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond (7-word title), she shared highlights of playing Janet Cook in Seven Women from Hell with Cesar Romero, John Kerr and Patricia Owens. Coincidentally, the account begins on page 77. Yvonne also appeared in the 77 Sunset Strip TV series with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 

Tina Fey and 7

America’s favorite comedienne’s full name is spelled with 7 letters. Her popular 30 Rock won 7 Emmys for the 2007 season when she was 37. Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond dated for 7 years and have been married for 7 years, according to Maureen Dowd’s article in Vanity Fair (Jan. 2012). Rip Torn who plays 30 Rock’s network head Don Geiss, is 77 years old and spells his first and last name with 7 letters. Dowd mentions that Fey wears Seven for All Mankind jeans. Dorothy Snarker penned an article titled Seven reasons why Tina Fey rocks.

Chapter 2 of 7 • Sports

7 and 77 thrill and fascinate fans

Most sports programs are linked to unique stories of athletes and the numbers they’ve worn. Jerseys of famous players hang in locker rooms, sports stadiums and the famous ones are framed and replicas are made and sold to fans. Players are often known by their numbers and some are near-sacred. Athlete jerseys are retired amid huge celebrations. Jersey #7 and #77 have a certain mystique to them and are coveted by athletes and cheered by fans. “The veneration of numbers has spilled over from baseball into just about every sport and on every level,” says Jack Looney.

John Elway, Denver Bronco’s star quarterback who wore #7 from 1983-1998, had seven consecutive seasons with 3,000+ passing yards and 200+ rushing yards which is an NFL record. Elway was quarterback at Stanford where he donned the #7 jersey and completed 774 passes and 77 touchdowns.

Among the hundreds of athletes included on the following pages of the #7 and #77 fraternity and sorority, some amazing figures about 7 emerge. Sixty-five athletes have worn 7’s for two teams (i.e. Andriy Shevchenko for AC Milan and Ukraine); Nineteen wore 7 or 77 for three separate teams (Boomer Esiason, talented quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals). Four athletes for a total of four teams (i.e. Lyle Alzado #77 for the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Raiders).

NBA great Kevin Johnson, who wore #7 for the Phoenix Suns, was the #7 pick in the first round in 1987. On the 7th of March 2001, the Suns retired Johnson’s #7 in his honor—the 7th player whose jersey has been retired by the team. CNN Sports’s article about the well-deserved acclaim is titled 7th Heaven.

Chapter 3 of 7 • Religion

A number that can inspire so much! 

There are hundreds of Biblical connections to the number 7. The heavens and the earth were created in 7 days, symbolic for thousands of years of creation. King Solomon built the Temple in Israel during a 7-year period; it was dedicated to the glory of God in the 7th month and the festival lasted 7 days. There are 7 angels, 7 stars to represent the 7 churches of Asia and 7 sabbatical years, 7 years of plenty, 7 candles, 7 sisters, 7 spirits and 7 trumpets. The numeral 7, which symbolizes spiritual perfection, is used 735 times in the Bible.

Jesus Christ and 7

Seven words spoken by Jesus: “I am the light of the world.” — John 8:12

Inspiring Seven Word Verses from Saint Matthew

Matthew 1:23 Behold the Virgin shall be with child.
2: 10 They were overjoyed at seeing the star.
2:20 Rise, take the child and his mother.
3:1 In those days John the Baptist appeared. 
3:14 I need to be baptized by you.
4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit.
4:4 One does not live by bread alone.

The menorah, centerpiece of the emblem of Israel, is the seven-branch candelabrum. On each side of the symbol, there are six sections of olive branch leaves and one at the top, making seven. Islam teaches there are seven heavens and seven earths. The Qur’an says the sky is made up of seven layers. Buddha, also known as Siddhârtha Gautama, is believed to have taken seven steps after being born in Lumbini in modern Nepal. Seven lotus flowers miraculously grew where he stepped.

Chapter 4 of 7 • Language

7 can teach and intrigue the world
There are many ways to express 7: 
First and last names spelled with 7 letters
Fascinating words spelled with 7 letters
“Seven” translated into many languages

First and last names that total 7 letters

Ed Asner • Rob Lowe • Al Roker • Mae West • Jay Leno • Bob Dole • Bon Jovi • Bob Hope • Jude Law • Mandisa • Toby Mac • Bo Derek • Juan Kim • Eric Mar • Mary Kay • Lucy Liu • Rip Torn • Joe Ryan • Edna Lau • Eve Cuny • Kelly Hu • Yao Ming • Cy Young

Dario Fo (Tied as 7th greatest living genius with Stephen Hawking)
Paul Fix (Race car driver #77)Paul Fix (Acted in 77 westerns)

He Chong and Huang Xu (Olympic athletes)
Leo Ryan (U.S. Congressman who lost his life in the line of duty)

Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole and David Eastis

Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole and David Eastis

Quotes and phrases with 7 words
Seven word quotes are the best kind. 
To the point and easy to remember. 
Seven words worth repeating seven times seven:
I am a pencil in God’s hand. Mother Teresa
Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Gandhi
It isn’t enough to talk about peace… Eleanor Roosevelt
There is no substitute for hard work… Caesar Chavez
Freedom has always been an expensive thing. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
...what you gives comes back to you. Oprah Winfrey
Peace on earth…good will toward men. JFK / Luke 2:14

Chapter 5 of 7 • Seven Spans the Globe

How 7 influences every aspect of life

American History

The Battle of Hubbardton, Vermont, was fought on 7 July 1777 (7-7-1777).
The United States Constitution, drafted in 1787 in Philadelphia, had 7 articles.
In the 7th month of 1776 the United States declared independence from Great Britain.
The United States flag design with 13 stars was adopted on 14 June 1777.
America’s current flag has 7 red stripes.
The U.S. Constitution’s Seventh Amendment preserves the right for a jury trial in civil trials.
The crown on the Statue of Liberty has 7 points. Each of these rays represents the light of freedom, 7 seas and 7 continents.

Wedded to Number Seven: 7-7-07 Marriages

7 July 2007 was a record day for weddings. Wedding Planning web site registered 38,000 couples, more than three times more than any other day making it the world’s top wedding day in history. According to Sheila Marikar of ABC News, “The seven obsession doesn’t end with the date. Many brides and grooms are bucking tradition to include the number into their wedding as much as possible, including having the ceremony at 7p.m., serving a seven-course meal, having seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen and making sure the bridal suite has a number 7 on the door.”

City of 7

The California city of San José is the “City of 7” — the ultimate city for those who love 7. San José, founded in 1777 as El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe in honor of St. Joseph, is 177.7 square miles of incorporated area.

San José, the commercial capital of Silicon Valley and center of international high technology, is spelled with 7 letters. The San José Police Department and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s badges have 7 points.

San José’s population is approaching 977,777. A 7-story office building is located at 777 First Street. The average annual temperature in San José is 70 degrees. 

Chapter 6 of 7 • Seven in Art

7 in many fun, interesting art forms
Best things in life come in sevens
7 becomes art in nature and photography
Photographs taken and artwork conceived by author. 
Graphic artwork by the talented Carlos-Gil Tuzon. 

Enjoy the marvelous, magical World of 7!

All rights reserved. © 2007-2017.  Legacy of Service, LLC

All rights reserved. © 2007-2017.  Legacy of Service, LLC

Chapter 7 of 7 • Seven Sells

7 offers resounding marketing resonance and catchiness
Seven is often chosen to promote products
Companies and products with 7


Seventh Generation
7x7 Magazine 
Jack Daniel’s No.7 Tennessee Whiskey—Mr. Jack’s favorite number was 7
Boeing 777 (Boeing 7J7, 247, 377, 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 787, 2707)
Kashi – The Seven Whole Grain Company – 7 whole grains on a mission
7 Deadly Zins and 7 Heavenly Chards by Michael-David Vineyards

Seven leads us to act and purchase
7 is universal — its popularity is expansive