Fans of 7 speak

Yvonne Craig, the original Batgirl and co-star with Elvis in the film Kissin’ Cousins

“I nicknamed my dear friend David [Eastis] ‘7’ years ago because the number 7 is so meaningful to him. My favorite number is 8, so we sign our letters to each other with ‘7’ and ‘8’.  The 7 author tells me that within every 8 there is also a 7. David playfully pointed out that he was fond of my role in the Batman TV series in part because the name ‘Batgirl’ consists of 7 letters. His seven book ‘7’ is absolutely amazing.”


Jackie Leo, former Editor-in-Chief, Reader's Digest and author of "Seven: The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success"

“David Eastis has a clear understanding of the power of seven to influence choices and behavior.  Insightful and entertaining, '7' gives readers new reasons to rethink why so much of the world is organized by this magic number. Seven is not just a number—it’s a gift. It can lift your spirit and help you see the world in new ways."

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, founder and chairman of Best Buddies International

“I have long been a huge fan of the number 7. There are 7 members of my family. We named our power boat the Lucky 7. The book ‘7’ is amazing with all the connections to the number 7.”

"The number 7 is king, and not just on 7/7" By Philip Riley and Maddy Ryen The Davis Enterprise 7 July 2007, front page (excerpts)

“The number seven is considered lucky. But if that's all you know about the number, then you have a lot to learn, and David Eastis is ready to teach you.  A self-described 'septaphile' from a young age, Eastis began working on the book four years ago…

He contacted athletes, their managers and corporations to compile information, and found many people who really had an affinity for the number. 7-Eleven enthusiastically provided historical logos. NFL quarterback Chris Redman, born on 7/7/77, talked about how he will 'always be a seven at heart.'

'It was enjoyable to see how people were resonating with the number seven,' Eastis said.

He also traces some of the roots of the cultural connection to seven, examining its importance in many religious traditions.

'The spiritual basis is definitely the most powerful one,' he said. 'I think that the number seven resonates with a lot of cultures based on the spiritual connotation. It emanated from there.'

Local readers, who can find the book at The Avid Reader, will enjoy trivia about UC Davis (a name, Eastisnotes, that has seven letters). He cites the fact that the campus was declared the seventh in the University of California system in 1959 and that the original campus was 777 acres. The book also makes note of the 'seven whimsical and though-provoking egghead sculptures' created by Robert Arneson.

'It was enjoyable to see how people resonate with the number seven,' Eastis said.” 

Joe DePinto, president and CEO of 7-Eleven Inc.

The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven is positively the last word on the number 7. 7-Eleven is proud to be featured in this fun, factoid-filled treatise and to be associated with the 7 phenomenon.”

John Elway, No. 7 for the Denver Broncos and Stanford University

“I wore 11 in high school. When I got to Stanford, another player already was wearing 11 so I chose 7. I liked the look of the single digit at a time where a lot of QBs wore double digits. It gradually became as much of my identity as my name. People throughout the years would call out to me, ‘Hey 7, good game’ or ‘You suck, 7’ — but either way, ‘7’ is who I became. To this day, my always includes the number 7.”

The Most Reverend Francis Quinn

7th Bishop of Sacramento

“Dear David, I have found your book ‘7’ to be fascinating. As with most people, I think 7 has always been my favorite number. Of course, the 7 days of the week come to mind, …and the ‘Magnificent Seven’. 7 is a particularly important number in calling dice… I am sure there are no 7 comments that I could write which you do not already have in your book. However, seven rhymes with heaven, which hopefully is the destination of all of us.”

Lucky Seven   Gary Singh,  Metro Silicon Valley,  1 July 2012   (highlights)

Gary Singh Silicon Alleys MetroActive  %22Lucky Seven%22 jpg.jpg

“Just in time for July, the seventh month, along comes a book by San Jose's own David Eastis, titled 7… Eastis calls himself a ‘septophile’, meaning an enthusiast of the number seven.  ‘For as long as I can remember, seven has been my favorite number,’ he explains. ‘But it took on far greater, more compelling meaning for me when I realized that seven held special meaning for many other people, has strong sacred symbolism in many religions, is prevalent in many aspects of nature and is embraced by numerous luminary figures in literature, in the entertainment industry, in politics and other realms.’  

The book is not a conspiratorial screed filled with apocalyptic numerology or anything remotely similar. Instead, Eastis takes a more populist approach. He includes song lyrics, movie titles, pop-culture references and even an entire chapter (the seventh one) on the marketing panache of the number seven, as in 7-Eleven, 7-Up, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Brand, the 7-Layer Burrito at Taco Bell and Seagram's 7 whisky.

Of course, we can go onand on—the Seven Dwarfs, the seven chakras, the seven notes of the musical octave, the Seven Seas, the seven lucky Japanese gods, the colors of the rainbow, the pillars of wisdom, the continents, the samurai, the Wonders of the World, the seas and how 007 James Bond was briefly renamed 7777 in You Only Live Twice.

Since I love this stuff, I'll add more: Carl Jung's Septem Sermones ad Mortuos (Seven Sermons to the Dead) supposedly laid the foundation for most of his subsequent creative work, and Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry reminds us that there were Seven Heliadae, Seven Titans, Seven Corybantes, Seven Cabiri and Seven Karfesters who sired a new race on the summit of Mt. Albordi…”

Sally Quinn

Washington Post journalist and founder of “On Faith"

(Her father, General William W. “Buffalo Bill” Quinn, commanded the Seventh Army in Germany as well as the 17th Infantry / Seventh division in Korea.  Sally Quinn attended Smith, one of the “Seven Sister Schools”. Her son, Quinn Bradlee’sgirlfriend was born at 7:57am and she weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces.)
“Seven has been my special number…I was born in July, the seventh month…I can’t wait to be seventy-seven!”

Excerpts from the Insider , David Eastis: Rolling with seven    7 April 2010

dme_insider (1).jpg

If David Eastis has a thing for the number seven — and he most certainly does — it’s just because the number is so darned ubiquitous.

Seven days in the week. Seventh heaven. Seven deadly sins. Seven wonders of the ancient world. Seven seas. Seven continents. 7-Eleven. 7-Up. 7 jeans.

Seven seemingly everywhere.

Which is basically the point of a book Eastis has written, entitled “7: The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven.” Published in 2012 by Aventine Press — Aventine being one of the seven hills of Rome — the 307-page book is a compilation of the number’s prominence in pop culture, sports, religion, art, advertising and just about anywhere else you can think of.

“Seven is different,” Eastis, a self-described “septophile,” said. “There’s a seven phenomenon that’s not true for other numbers.”

“For as long as I can remember it’s been my favorite number,” said Eastis who, appropriately enough, is 47.

In his career, Eastis has oscillated between the business world and charity work. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College, where he became a Harry S. Truman Scholar. Eastis worked with founding president Millard Fuller for Habitat for Humanity at its headquarters in Americus, Ga. — where, by the way, he got to know former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Eastis set up the first 77 — there’s that number again — campus chapters of Habitat for Humanity. There are now over 1,000 chapters around the world.

In the early 1990s, it was back to the business world and the San Jose area. Getting in on the ground floor of a prepaid telephone card start-up, Eastis headed up marketing and directed celebrity projects such as Elvis Presley, President Kennedy, Steffi Graf, Norman Rockwell and Yvonne Craig, the original Batgirl — on the cards, which have become collector’s items.

“They’re miniature canvases of art,” he said. By the late 1990s he had returned once again to the charity realm, working this time for the American Red Cross as a fundraiser.

He started putting together his seven book in 2004, when he was newly married and living in Italy. An avid photographer, his original thought was to do a coffee-table book. But he ended up deciding that a chronicle of how often the number pops up would be more effective.

Lifetime connections and ambition led David to meeting Pope John Paul II, Margaret Truman Daniel, General Colin Powell, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Senator Ted Kennedy, Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm, President George H.W. Bush, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Walter Mondale, and Olympian Carl Lewis. “My hope is that people who enjoy 7 and the celebrities, history, popular seven brands and athletes who have worn 7, will find pleasure in reading 7 as much as I have in creating the artwork, taking the pictures, and gathering quotes from people I admire such as John Elway. I am proud this is the first book devoted entirely to the magical, popular and powerful number 7.”

Cynics, of course, might say that Eastis has an overactive imagination. But given the sheer number of examples he cites — everything from the musical scale consisting of seven notes to the seven colors in a rainbow — it’s hard not to think Eastis is onto something.

The question is onto what? Eastis has a ready explanation for why the number is so frequently incorporated in the names of products — think Seagram’s Seven — or the titles of books, films and songs such as "The Secret Seven" by Enid Blyton, “Seven Pounds,” which starred Will Smith, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s "The House of the Seven Gables", "The Seven Dials Mystery" authored by Agatha Christie, Miley Cyrus' "7 Things", "Seven Towers" by Patricia Wrede, 007--the world's most famous spy, and Seventh Generation products.

“It sells,” he said. But why it sells — why the number has such an attraction — is more mysterious.

“A lot of people feel a bond to it. It’s considered a sacred number and a lucky number. Seven resonates with people,” Eastis said. 

Gianluca Colavecchi, Italy

"Seven has always been my favorite and lucky number.  As a jeweler, I have customers who commission me to make unique pieces with 7 as the central theme. These creations become meaningful ‘lucky charms’ to people who like 7. For me, seven is an amazing number which is present in my life. The book about seven is marvelous!" 

Boomer Esiason, No. 7, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals

“I wore the number 7 because of my two favorite players growing up — Bert Jones and Rod Gilbert — and I wanted to be just like them.”

Chris Redman wore jersey 7 as QB for the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and the Louisville Cardinals. With his 7-7-1977 birthday, he is the ultimate “Mr. Seven”

“Seven will always be my favorite number. The book all about seven is awesome!”

Elisa Sette, Italy

“My grandfather, Orazio Sette (‘Seven’ in Italian) wasborn in 1907 and his younger brother's name was Settimo Sette which means ‘Seventh Seven’, significant since he was the seventh child born among seven children. My birth year is 1967 and my shoe size 37.  The meaning of my first name Elisa derives from the Hebrew "Elisheba"-- "El" for God and ‘sheba’ is seven. The intriguing number 7 has revealed itself in several important ways in my life.  My entire family is proud to be named ‘Sette’ and we feel a special connection to the holy, intriguing, magical number 7.  We're delighted with the seven book ‘7’. Viva Sette!”

Daniela Pacetta Goodwin

"I'm glad to be among the people who have a special connection to 7, like Anthony Kennedy Shriver, whose names are spelled with three seven-letter words.  Seven has always been one of my favorite numbers. When I see 7 it's uplifting and associated with good fortune. I knew seven was a popular number but until I read this fun and detailed seven book by David Eastis—the  author who has made the 7-phenomenon come to life—I  wasn't as aware that 7 is everywhere."  

It’s a game of numbers. The Daily Progress Charlottesville, Virginia   4 July 2012 (abbreviated)

“Lucky seven. We’ve all heard the phrase. An enterprising writer named David M. Eastis has turned our fascination with seven to good account with a book ... about sevens.  We’ll just mention the Virginia sevens that he cites — starting of course with the Seven Society. The secret society at the University of Virginia was founded more than 100 years ago. Members make donations to the school featuring “7s.” The gifts don’t have to be in the seven figures, but one notable donation came close at $777,777.77. By the way, Thomas Jefferson spent seven years in Williamsburg.” 

Michael McCloud, MD

“Eastis has written the definitive tome on the allure and mystique of our favorite prime number.  Be forewarned: this read can be annoyingly habit forming.– Michael (7) McCloud (7)”

Brian Mayne, Author of Goal Mapping, 7 steps to turn your dreams into realities (UK)

“7 is indeed a special number. Within my success systems, and countless others around the world, it is the key number. My goal is to help lift 7 million lives with our amazing life-enhancement systems for success. There is something about 7 that has a special resonance and people have been fascinated by throughout the ages. David’s seven book '7' is a great insight into the mystery and magic of the number 7.”

Kevin Johnson, No. 7 for the Phoenix Suns and Mayor of Sacramento, California

“Every time I pulled that No. 7 over my shoulder, it was an honor…. David, SEVEN will always be my favorite number. Your friend, KJ7.”   

(Sacramento’s Arden Fair Mall is located on 77 acres and the House of Seven Tables is a café across from Sacramento’s City Hall.)

Biba Caggiano, TV chef, celebrated author and owner of Biba Ristorante, Sacramento

“It’s a joy for me to prepare 7-layer lasagna Bolognese and dozens of other Italian specialties. My first six Italian cook books contain a cornucopia of sumptuous recipes which offer aficionados of Italian cooking a chance to create a 'seventh heaven' experience in their own kitchens. I’m excited to write my 7th book. I knew Rome was built on 7 hills and the Eternal City was ruled by 7emperors. David’s contribution to the 'world of 7' adds a new, entertaining dimension to the enchanting number.” 

Rev. Monsignor James T. Murphy, Vicar General, Diocese of Sacramento

"There were seven children in my family. My Dad always told me 7 was lucky for him when he played poker. The Cathedral features the seven sacraments on the four pillars holding up the dome. Each sacrament is represented by a symbol. Seven is a sacred and special number for so many people.

Sacramento Book Review by Glenn Dallas

"Humans are hardwired to find patterns in the world around us. We form theories around these patterns…we give number-based coincidences a certain level of importance in our lives. Some people even use numbers to make decisions, entrusting their futures to superstitions based on numbers.

The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven is an exploration of all things seven... It amasses an impressive amount of trivia based around the number seven, letting the reader explore the influence the number seven has had on pop culture and popular thinking.

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn't find plenty of fun little nuggets of trivia between its pages."

Rev. M. Jack Takayanagi

“If I were to add anything to this already popular book concerning the place of 7 in our social and religious life, it would be St. Matthew 18: 21-22. (Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”) Seven is a magical number whose presence is always about us from 7 UP to Mickey Mantle to Jesus’ words of forgiveness.”

David Eastis, Author of “7”

"No book about seven would be complete without paying homage to a heptad of deserving individuals and organizations. In this 7 book, I salute the many exceptional athletes who wore No. 7, including John Elway, Mickey Mantle and Boomer Esiason. My seven book also pays homage to the ubiquitous 7-Eleven stores, legendary Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 and the fabled 7 wonders of the world. And, of course, one of my favorites – 007, the world’s most famous spy. I had seven times more fun than anyone should have had writing this first-ever book about seven. I hope after reading “7” that you are as amazed as I am to know that great things come in sevens." 

David Eastis wonders if your magical and amazing number is 7?